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    It's great to have a big dog for a single woman

    hands with Mr Barkis, who, with his hat on the very back of his

    sliced them under his directions Dora was among these I felt that

    have made no advance in that labour, when we got to my place

    What his thoughts were on the subject, or what his observation

    me that she makes one of her professional visits here, every year,

    house, sitting thoughtfully before the fire He was so intent upon

    of the chaise behind, as quickly as possible, that I might not be in

    the umbrella (which would have been an inconvenient one for the

    who felt its superiority, and would be content to bow himself

    mongrel time, neither day nor night How late you are! Where

    My pretty, little, startled Dora! Her only association with the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    David Copperfield

    would sit sometimes of a night, opposite my aunt, thinking how I

    It has since been considered almost a miracle that my aunt

    return of his daughter and her husband, whether he knew

    rumbling out of the archway underneath, made me dream of

    her dark eyes roll round the church when she says ‘miserable

    ‘Sixpenn’orth of bad ha’pence,’ hoped ‘I should know him agin to

    have been quite crushed without him’

    emphasis, ‘there was one this afternoon at four o’clock A cold

    given ’em quite a job’

    the connexion But if the various banking-houses refuse to avail

    call him anything but Mr Dick’

    Before we had taken many paces down the street beyond it, the

    As he repudiated this suggestion, however, with a jerk of his

    without any horses to it as yet; and it looked in that state as if


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