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    Oral Description of Middle-aged Women

    withdrawal to my bedroom: ‘I will not protract these remarks on

    read as follows It was dated an hour and a half before dinner I am

    such awful consequences, that he became uncomfortable in his

    How do you do? I am delighted to see you My dear Copperfield,

    restrain my eye from resting for an instant on a red spot upon it;

    appeared to me), with a look that I have never forgotten, directed

    blindly, through these difficulties, and had mastered the alphabet,

    have a better right to it than any other man!’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    nothing but a great shivering-machine; of the alternation of boiled


    he was proud to be noticed by me, and that he really felt obliged to

    objects, when hasty footsteps were heard in the room outside, and

    ‘I’m one of the masters at Salem House,’ he said

    moneyed interest

    long talk about my plans, when we were safely housed; and as I

    David Copperfield

    feelings of fidelity and friendship with which I walked beside him,

    Peggotty and I were sitting one night by the parlour fire, alone

    down to the seaweed in the blue mug in my bedroom I went into

    various points of ceremony, she loved me too well not to sacrifice

    ‘For the bill that is to be a certain investment?’ I inquired

    David Copperfield

    It is a summer evening, down in a green hollow, at the corner of

    peculiar kind He very seldom said anything; but would sit by the


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