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    Good office kneading

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    ‘Well I’ll tell you what,’ said Mr Barkis ‘P’raps you might be

    over his hand like water, ‘here’s another orphan, you see, sir And

    was said, that he asked her We were all extremely glad to see

    of the captivating, girlish, bright-eyed lovely Dora What a form

    What else was it possible to infer from what you said, you unkind

    ‘My dear friend Copperfield,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘accidents will

    had to tell concerning what had happened

    ‘Uriah,’ she replied, after a moment’s hesitation, ‘has made

    And yet, wretched cripple as I made myself by this act of

    unaccountable manner But he had these peculiarities: and at first

    ‘Mysterious!’ she cried ‘Oh! really? Do you consider me so?’

    as his word, if that were all right which I had a secret misgiving

    not be accused of presumption in terming—a spring The present

    going to carry into execution This was, to lie behind the wall at

    done by real proctors, who lent their names in consideration of a

    and, wonderfully out of keeping with the rest, my dusty self upon

    He did not touch her, or the chair from which she had risen, but

    comfortable, easy-going tone, ‘this I said, “Now, don’t consider

    for I was young then, and unused to disguise what I so strongly

    ‘I have forgotten,’ said Dora, still turning the button round and

    now, and I suppose I shall be in a terrible state of earnestness one

    if I could hope to read my fortune in it, as in a bright book; or to

    keep my terms, after rather a long delay It’s some time since I was

    ornament, I afterwards found, as he very seldom looked through


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